Jeste li spremni naučiti i napraviti prvi korak ka uspjehu? Autorica Elizabeth Gilbert motivira ovom pričom.

“Jednog jutra 1993. godine zaputila sam se u ured jednog poznatog magazina u New Yorku sa željom da se tamo zaposlim kao novinarka. Nisam imala ugovoren sastanak, nisam imala iskustva, nisam imala čak nijedan objavljen članak pod svojim imenom. Ali znala sam jedno – nitko nikada neće pokucati na moja vrata i reći: ”Čuli smo da ovdje živi jedna talentirana spisateljica i željeli bismo joj pomoći u karijeri.” Znala sam da sam ja ta koja treba kucati na tuđa vrata!”

To sam i učinila. I pogodite što? Nije mi uspjelo!

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Dear Ones: (I posted this already this morning, but for some reason it got deleted . . . so I’m just posting it again.❤️) The good people at the meditation app Insight Timer reached out to me a few days ago, and asked if I would volunteer to offer a talk about fear, that they might be able to share with the world, for people who are feeling so anxious right now. I was honored and humbled to be asked. Yesterday I holed up in my laundry room all day (the quietest place in the house) to create this talk, and then to record it into my phone. (This is what passes as a recording studio these days!) The talk is now available on Insight Timer, where it will remain. If you click the link in my bio, it should take you there. (You’ll need to download the app in order to listen…but I want to tell you that it’s a REALLY good app, with thousands of great guided meditations. I’ve been using it for years myself, to help with my own meditation practice.❤️ This is why it felt right for me to offer my talk here…because know it’s a good and earnest platform.) So there it is, Angels — a talk which contains everything I’ve learned over the years about my old friend fear. I hope, if you listen, that my words might help to bring you some peace in these challenging days. Lots and lots of love to you all. I’m holding your hearts in my heart. ❤️LG @insighttimer

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To je izjavila Elizabeth Gilbert za The Oprah Magazine i poslala je jasnu poruku svima, a to je da pokušate. Izjavljuje da je bila slomljena, ali hrabra – i to je ono što trebamo učiniti – pokušati uraditi nešto!

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It feels remarkable and a little disorienting but ultimately lovely to be in a familiar old city again, after weeks of traveling in India and Fiji…so hallo there, dear Melbourne! It’s been a while, baby.❤️ It’s good to see your alleys, your street art, your bookstores, your river, your busy/cool/hip/smart inhabitants…and it’s so so SO good to sit alone in a cafe on this cool and overcast morning, enjoying the first Flat White of my Australia trip. (First of many, to be sure❤️.) I’m looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of you face-to-face on Wednesday at @businesschicks. (And by the way, for those of you who are aware that one of the great secrets to happiness in life is to sit in a café all alone, eating a quiet breakfast and reading a good book, here’s what I’m reading right now: the astonishing, searing, suspenseful, devastating, and thoroughly brilliant novel AN AMERICAN MARRIAGE by Tayari Jones. I dipped into this book when it first came out, but it felt like it was too good for me to read at that moment. I was busy and distracted, and I didn’t want to give such a great novel my half-attention. So I’ve been saving it for a SPECIAL moment, because I wanted to make the pleasure of the reading experience last. Kind of like the way I used to save and hide my really good Easter candy for later, to savor it properly. All I can say about AN AMERICAN MARRIAGE is that it’s too good to stuff in your face the minute you get your hands on it. No…this one is a classic, worth taking your time over. Do you ever do that with a book? Save it for the magical moment it deserves? Well, this is the moment I’m diving fully in, and it’s soooooo good. Brava, @tayari.) Onward❤️LG

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Elizabeth Gilbert popularna je autorica knjiga kao što su Velika Čarolija i Jedi, Moli, Voli po kojoj je snimljen i film.

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